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November 26, 2016
Dear OGS Members,
When OGS research volunteers help family researchers break through their brick walls, all of us at OGS delight in their discovery. When an OGS member or a class attendee tells us that they attribute some of their research success to something they learned in our classes or at a seminar, it make us all stop and remember why we do what we do. Our shared passion for genealogy and family history extends well beyond finding one more record – it inspires us, teaches us, and reaches generations beyond ourselves.
Our goal at OGS is to provide educational opportunities and resources that will assist you in your journey to find your ancestors and reach your family history goals. Our library offers over 13,000 books, periodicals, microfilm, and microfiche, two seminars a year, and many classes and workshops. These are open to our members, their family and friends, and the public. We have served you, our members and the public, for 54 years and are excited to continue our mission for many years to come – but your support is vital.
Because you share our passion for genealogy and family history, we are asking you to be an active partner in our mission. Your participation in our annual fundraiser ensures that we can continue to support the services and programs you want and need. Join us in our efforts to provide resources for future genealogists by making a generous contribution today. Please send a check today to support OGS.
With heartfelt thanks,

John Pratt 
Kirsten Hill   
P.S.  OGS is designated a 501(c)3 non-profit and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. There are many ways to leave a legacy, please consider including OGS in your estate planning.
2016 Highlights
  • Annual Seminars– Hosted two successful seminars with nationally known speakers for our Spring and Fall seminars.
  • Member Only Benefit – Surname lists and OGS Journal in members only section
  • Engaging the Next Generation – Reaching the next generation with a presence on social media (Facebook)
  • Special Interest Groups – Our DNA interest group which offers an opportunity for anyone interested in DNA for genealogy to ask questions and share information
  • Research Roundtable – Volunteers offer genealogy research advice on the first Sunday of each month for anyone with a research question, don’t know where to look next, or are facing a brick wall challenge
  • Outreach Goals – Outreach volunteers represented OGS at a variety of events including Eugene Scottish Festival, Singing Creek School, Frontier Heritage Fair, Genealogical Council of Oregon conference, Genealogical Forum of Oregon seminar, and Lane County Historical Museum at Lane County Fair.
  • OGS Holiday Open House - held in December 2015 with 50% increase in attendance over 2014 open house.
2017 Wish List
  • Outreach – Continue to provide materials for our members who generously represent OGS at conferences and seminars, make presentations throughout the community, and increase our presence at community events
  • Keep Our Collection in Top Condition – Our Book Committee repairs or rebinds books and periodicals in our library, a rarity in the genealogical community
  • Business system upgrade – Continue development of systems that will making it easier to sign up or renew membership and easier access to our publications and merchandise, and shopping cart additional payment methods (a multi-year project)
  • Social Media – Enhance our social media marketing by increasing the number of posts and volunteers for Facebook, Twitter, and blog posts
  • Vertical Files - Enhance and expand our vertical files for surname, subject and locality by 200% in 2017 alone
  • Library Catalog – Continue reviewing and updating our catalog in preparation for publishing it on our website.
  • Members Only Enhancements – Continue digitizing and post material behind the members-only wall including all past issues of the OGS Quarterly and Journal (a multi-year project)
  • Equipment Improvements:
    • Install a high resolution color copier and scanner capable of printing or saving to a flash drive at the Library
    • Purchase a new projector which will improve presentations in classes, seminars and at Outreach events
    • Replace outdated computers and monitors in the library for use by library patrons, committees, and library volunteers.
  • For you to volunteer with us! Many hands make light the work.

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